Persian Parade Logo Design Competition

The Persian Parade Logo Design Competition celebrates the talent and fresh design ideas of illustrators, art directors, graphic designers, educators, students, and recent graduates in the USA. The competition provides emerging professionals the opportunity to showcase their work and gain exposure in the cultural design community.

Participants can enter individually only.

Submission Start Date: 07/15/2019

Submission Deadline: 09/30/2019

Individual Entries Fee

  • There is no entry fee.


Open to all illustrators, art directors, graphic designers, educators, students, recent graduates in the USA. Not open to the commercial entities & corporations. Only one entry per person.


First, second, and third place winners will be selected by a jury of graphic designers, business professionals and members of Board of Directors who will judge entries based on innovation and creativity, coherence and functionality, human impact, fulfillment of program requirements, and presentation of the information.

1st Place: $500 USD
2nd Place: Two Tickets to a Persian Parade Gala during Parade Year
3rd Place: One Tickets to a Persian Parade Gala during Parade Year

Winners will be announced in the Fall 2019 at the Persian Parade Gala

These are general submission guidelines that should be followed beforehand.

General Rules

01. No Copyright-Infringing Material:

  • Do not use of “LOGO” or “trademark names” on images, descriptions, etc., by the corporation who holds the rights.
  • Do not post design of people without permission
  • Do not use copyrighted Stock Images
  • All content must be yours, or you should have the right to use and license it.
  • Do not submit inappropriate content. Do not post anything which is offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or in violation of local or international laws. Be kind, be social; do not send images which could create the feeling of disgust, fear or despair. Make sure your submission creates positive feelings when evaluated
  • Elegance: Try to achieve elegance with your submissions. Execute your ideas well.

Please follow the instructions:

  • The logo should:
    • Represent Iranian Culture & History in USA
    • Unity
    • Diversity
    • Artistic
    • Original
  • After you are awarded, your design will become Persian Parade property and you grant exclusive rights for your logo to the Persian Parade Inc.

Main Logo Image

Size & Resolution: The logo image should be 500×500 pixels exact, save it as 72 DPI JPEG file, high or medium-high quality.

Scaling: Never scale up your design more than 150% (1.5X), the image will become pixelated. The main image will be used for printing A2 posters, so it is important that your design looks clear.

Descriptive Texts: If not otherwise specified, do not include any text, name or watermark

Background Color: Use white background color for your image

Centering: If your image is larger than 3600×3600 pixels, please fit your image to a blank canvas of 3600×3600 pixels by either scaling down (without distortion) or cropping. If your image is smaller than 3600×3600 pixels, try to fit it by centering and scaling up. 

Image Rights: Only use images that you have been granted usage of.

Image Color and Brightness: Submit full color when possible. Gray scale is not preferred for designs.

Presentation: include one clean view of your design rather than a series of images.

Please send email your design along with the following information to by 09/30/2019.

  • Full Name
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact email address
  • A brief bio or a copy of your resume